Thebes. One of the many jewels of the Nile. A city of the Blessed Land. 

It is here that a group of Settites under the rule of Sobek have founded the supposed 'Third City'. Believing they have achieved a new Cainite Utopia, these Settites have invited commerce with the other Clans of the Night.

As representatives of your masters' interests, you have been chosen to meet with the Court of Sobek at Thebes in order to gain insight into the machinations of these Serpents. What could they be hiding? Your superiors in any case clearly will not tolerate this mockery claim to former Enoche.

As instruments of your sires (as far they are currently led to believe), you have been issued forth to Egypt to glean what you can. But make haste! For even now an army has issued forth from Greece to quell and raze Thebes as an example to the folly of any that would assume to create such a Utopia.  


After pursuing the cainite Anubarius throught the spirit realm, you eventually return to the physical plane. However, much time has passed here. Even though your travel through the spirit realm felt like mere hours. The centuries have sped along like a river swollen from the torrential storm.

Things are no longer as they once were. The people wear strange garments, and bizzare symbols resembling crusafixes of crimson flap on the banners. People talk in strange tongues. But all is not lost for there are some whom speak as of the old ways.

But kindred kind no longer holds the positions of divine sovereignty as they once had. The children of Caine are shunned and hunted. For what man sees now is God's curse and not divinity as the pagan times once preached. Christianity looms over this new world like a vicious tiger and none seem to be able to escape its deadly maw.

The Third City

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