The Third City

From the chronicles of Zadok Solomon, son of the Brujah.

My lord Barocles had assigned me the task of investigating the city of Thebes in order to gather knowledge in regards to the activities of the Settites. I believe I have uncovered a great deal of interesting intelligence in that area. From tablets and papyrus hidden beneath the palace of Sobek, I have learned that the temples of the gods have all been constructed in a specific arrangement, a pattern that is to serve a particular purpose. What this purpose is I have yet to learn, but I do know that it involves all of the vampiric clans, including those wretched Nosferatu. How any can stand to ally themselves with their ilk is beyond me.

This job has been met with considerable difficulty. I have been forced to bunk with those vermin in the necropolis, engaged in battle with crazed Malcavian pseudo-gods, crawled through sewers and been attacked by a Settite man-beast. I have not struggled alone, however. I have recieved support from a fellowkind, a Greek lady known as Arabella. Her assistance has been invaluable and she has my grattitude, though she is on an assignment of her own and must also report to her sire back in Greece. It seems I am to be joining her on this voyage as my lord Barocles and I now sail with her to her land. I am all too intrigued by what awaits us across the sea.

On this expedition, we bring a human in tow: a slave called Pyre, whom Arabella and I liberated from Thebes. He has provided adequate assistance to us during our time in Sobek's midst, and so I felt I owed it to him to help him as he has helped us. As a former tool of the Gods, I am all too familiar with the sufferings Pyre has been forced to endure. It is a miserable excuse of an existence that none deserve, and so I take pride and joy in freeing poor Pyre from his bonds. Unfortunately, it seems I may have removed one pair of shackles from his arms, only to put a different pair on them. As a slave, Pyre is uneducated and will probably not survive independantly. For now, he is in the service of Arabella. I hope I can trust her to treat him with less cruelty than the Settites have, I refuse to see him suffer any further than he has already, and I do not wish him to be snared into this unlife I find myself chained to.


Well account merits another 2 character points. Keep it up :)

Mission accomplished

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