The Third City


From the chronicles of Zadok Solomon, son of the Brujah.

 One last Settite cache remains to be recovered; far off to the north in the land of Scandinavia. Although my mind is now in the perpetual company of the jackal I foolishly consumed back in Damascus, I shall not let it impede me in my task. However, I am uncertain as to proceed once we have the last tablets. I cannot allow Zeus to obtain such vile knowledge and power, he is threatening enough already. We cannot simply flee, Zeus's agents are spread far and wide and will surely hunt us down. Besides, doing that would only mean Zeus sending others to retrieve the tablets. There must be a way to use these items against him somehow…

Upon arriving in Scandinavia, Arabella and I sought out a guide who can lead us on the right path and translate our tongues into the local language. We found our guide, who warned us of ferocious creatures that dwell in the hills and woodlands: savage brutes capable of becoming either man or animal. I have fought several varieties of dark monstrosities already, these "wolf-men" as the locals call them should be no problem.

As we made our way toward the northernmost hills where pillars of smoke arose, we soon became aware that we were not alone. As it turned out, one of the wolf-men had intercepted us and made an ambush attempt. I was not caught off guard and I successfully dispatched the attacker, who as it turns out is actually a vampire. However, I am unfamiliar with any vampiric clans capable of transforming into wolves.

After I had killed the attacker, I left Arabella to dispose of the body. She took it into the underbrush, and when she emerged I could smell him on her breath. It seems we both have a weakness for feeding on kin. She dared to berate me after my feed in Damascus, but she is a hypocrite, she is no different than I! She tried to deny it, but she could not hide the fact that she fed on another vampire, just as I had. I suppose she too has a strange voice in her head now. Hopefully it's less annoying than the voice I am cursed to spend eternity with.

We continued toward our destination and eventually happened upon deep tracks in the snow. Something had been pulled through this area recently, like some sort of chariot. That wasn't all we discovered… A pungent odour hung in the air, much like the sewers back in Thebes. There was no mistaking that stench: Nosferatu. Anubis is here, undoubtedly seeking the last of the Settite tablets, as we are. It seems we are destined to keep running into each other. This time, however, I'll make sure only one of us walks away. I will find you, necromancer, and when I do… your head will be mine.




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