The Third City

The Belly of the Beast

From the chronicles of Zadok Solomon, Son of Brujah…

My training under Master Haqim goes well, despite certain misgivings from some of the other students within the master's abode. One insolent whelp, blinded by envy, provoked me and challenged me to combat. He paid the price for his impudence with his life. I never even found out his name. Of course, it matters not now.

Not long after that incident, I had to return to my previous mission alongside Arabella. We were to venture to Damascus in order to recover a cache of Settite tablets for Zeus. Zeus is mad, his gaining the tablet's power can only spell disaster for the entire world. Unfortunately, how am I supposed to keep the tablets out of his hands and still feign loyalty to him? I cannot openly oppose him now, he is far too strong and his resources are plentiful. I must be patient and pray that Brujah will guide me down the right path.

After retrieving Arabella from the manor of Hades, we have set sail for Damascus. The voyage was long and uneventful, though that soon changed when we arrived. It seems we were expected by one of Hades' servants… as well as the ilk of the one who possesses the prize we seek.

We have discovered that a vampire monarch and his clan, the Zinassi, have sealed the Settite texts away within the vaults of their castle, not far from port. They knew we were coming, and merely as a warning, their beastly servants massacred an entire village. It was like gazing into the netherrealm itself. This was beyond even vampiric decadence.

In order to gain access to the castle, we posed as slaves to be sold to the Zinassi. After gaining entry, we were plucked from the meat pen where several humans awaited a most gruesome end. We were put to work servicing one of the Zinassi's many mistresses and have been granted access to most of the castle. I attempt to find out as much as I can about the castle and what goes on within, hoping that my discoveries will lead me closer to the Settite tablets… and further away from the bloody debauchery that the castle's residents regularly get up to.



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