The Third City

The Great Pilgrimage

From the chronicles of Zadok Solomon, Son of the Brujah.

With the escape of Anubis, Arabella and myself returned to Athens to report the incident to Zeus himself. I must proceed cautiously from this point onward; Zeus will not be so forgiving next time if I destroy any more of his coveted tablets. He bought my story this time, but most lies only work once.

Zeus has ordered me and Arabella to the eastern lands, where another Settite treasury is located. To aid us on our journey, Arabella felt the need to hire one of the locals and blood bond with him. I don't really approve of such methods, but in this case it may be necessary. In the meantime, during the voyage, I've just been feeding off of the rats infesting our ship. Not very appetising, but they get me by.

We took a detour on our voyage and made port at Carthage. Zeus informed us of a Brujah pilgrimage to this land and requested that we… inspect. We Brujah are considered firebrands among the other vampiric clans and the Olympian Council obviously wants to keep us on a tighter leash. Not if I have any say in the matter…

After making port, we encountered on of the Olympians in the city: Hades. I was less than thrilled to meet him, seeing as how I absolutely despise what he and his Settite counterpart practise. He seemed to see right through me, he knew I wanted to meet with the others of my clan. I don't trust him, I have the feeling he might be trying to use me in some way. Whether he's acting as a pawn for Zeus or working to his own agenda, I am uncertain. But I refuse to be toyed with by anyone.

Arabella has remained at Hades' retreat while I seek out my brethren. I met with the clan leader and discussed with him my present line of work and my disgust with constantly being manipulated. My desire for freedom and justice is something he and others seem to share, it seems. He has pointed me in the direction of a possible mentor, a swordsman by the name of Abdul Hasan Haqim. Perhaps with his help, I will find the strength I need to liberate myself from Zeus' shackles. One can always hope…



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