Zadok Solomon

A son of the Brujah clan and former Egyptian slave. Liberated from one form of servitude and brought into another by the bite of Barocles.


Name: Zadok Solomon

Age: 135

Homeland: Israel (lived in Egypt as a slave)

Clan: Brujah

Master: Barocles

Allies: Arabella

Enemies: Anubis, Zeus, the Zinassi

Goals: Freedom

Taken as a slave by the Egyptians, Solomon was liberated from service to the Pharoah only to be placed in a new set of manacles by the vampiric Greek merchant, Barocles. Solomon begrudgingly serves his master, forever hoping to slay him and live is eternal life freely. Solomon goes out of his way to deny the dark, carnal side of his vampiric nature, acknowledging humans as people rather than cattle as most vampires do. He despises what he is but is unwilling to end his own life, preferring to die like a warrior. He wishes to travel the world and fight for both his freedom and the freedom of others.


Zadok Solomon

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