Formerly Necrohotep, Necrinn was the chieftain of a tribe of Nosferatu at Thebes. 

A peddler of information and a cutthroat, Necrohotep ruled as much by guile as by brute force. For a time he was i the employ of the Settites at Thebes, but upon its ransacking he sided with the fleeing Cappadocian – Anubis. 
Thus for the next 200 years Anubis and his tribe have been working together to gather the scattered cache of Settite knowledge of the once great city of Thebes. 

However, at some point in history Necrohotep was betrayed by Anubis. As a result he and his dwindled tribe of followers fell pray to alerted advarsaries in the Inquisition. Many were burned at the stake, or cleansed from sewer abodes. In desperation, Necrohotep and his followers fled. 

After decades on the run, Necrohotep and his tribe found shelter in the arms of an underground Kindred movement calling themselves The Order of Camarilla. 

Since then, he has taken the name of Necrinn in light of his new found place of the holy order and converted to the Road of Heaven. 


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