The Third City

100 Years Later...

From the chronicles of Zadok Solomon, Son of the Brujah…

Much time has passed since the mission in Thebes, and so much has changed. New truths discovered, new enemies made… and already unsteady loyalties have been broken.

After returning to Phineas Island, we were soon ordered back to Thebes along with a group of servants hired by Arabella's grand-sire. What we saw upon the Egyptian shore when we arrived was a nightmare. Like a wildfire, the Greek god of war, Ares, has stormed through Thebes destroying all in his path. So many dead as far as my eyes could see. Yet this massacre provided cover for us as we went about our mission: infiltrate the Settite temples and liberate the ancient tablets that my master wishes to obtain. In this struggle, we encountered an unlikely ally: the Settite king of death, the necromancer Anubis. With his assistance we uncovered the tablets and liberated the insane Malcavian prothet Panacles, who was being drugged and manipulated into the Settite's service as their Thoth. Though the recovery of Panacles was successful, we suffered significant losses during our escape as Ares turned his wrath on us. It was only through the efforts of Arabella that Ares was convinced to spare us that time, but should we encounter him again…

Once we returned to Greece along with Panacles and also Anubis and a group of his wretched Nosferatu, I was stunned and outraged to discover that my master Barocles and Anubis had met before… and were on friendly terms, no less. How can this be? This monster is our enemy, how can my master be in league with him? This did not bode well.To make matters worse, it seemed that the tablets we had recovered were all fake, and master knew this before we had returned! My fury burned within me; I wanted nothing more at that moment to seize my master and Anubis by their throats and rip their heads right off. Unfortunately there and then wasn't the time, I had no choice but to obey his instructions.

Eventually new instructions came. Arabella and I were to take Panacles home to his 'owner' in Sparta. When we arrived, we informed the lord of Ares' activities and he told us about the Olympian Council. However, our discussions were interrupted by an intruder on the grounds. Arabella and I went to investigate, and we encountered a man, nee a behemoth, who had come for the sole purpose of killing us all. It seemed he was a slayer, one dedicated to the eradication of our kind. The beast was strong, but we prevailed. I managed to stake him and we left Panacles to take care of his burial.

That was a mistake.

When we settled in for the day, we were rudely awakened by the sound of a struggle. Arabella and I investigated the main hall of the retreat, only to find Panacles' keeper slain, apparently killed by the knife I had left embedded in the heart of the brute we had defeated earlier. Panacles had actually released him from his torpor rather than finishing the job by decapitation and allowed him to kill his master. We were then attacked by the brute himself. Taken by surprise, we were unable to prevent his and Panacles' escape, who made off with a jar which he claimed contained a 'special blend'. Arabella and I were soon in pursuit, following their tracks all the way to Athens. After questioning some of the locals, we were directed toward the Temple of Zeus where sure enough we found them. However, we were expected…

Which brings us to the here and now. Arabella and I were kept in a century-long torpor. Upon awakening, the truth was revealed to us: Zeus had been behind everything, all of our past actions. Lord Barocles is in league with him, and he is planning something on a massive scale. I know not what precisely, but the king of Olympus expects me to obey. Which brings us to our current situation: we have been ordered to the ruins of Troy to recover, would you believe it, the Settite tablets. The genuine articles have been moved to this continent during the events of the last century. It seems the Settites have been dethroned and many have gone into hiding, and they have decided to seal away their greatest treasures in the stronghold of Apollo, which is where we are now.

Upon our arrival, who should we have the misfortune to encounter but the Nosferatu? Anubis was after the tablets for his own purposes. Eager to learn of these purposes and toobtain the tablets myself, I struck a deal with the Nosferatu. If we aided them in the tablets' recovery and saw them safely to Anubis, we could have the tablets once he had deciphered them. It wasn't that long until we had recovered the tablets and brought them before the necromancer, where we learned the awful truth: Anubis was going to use the tablets' power to remove the hearts of his Nosferatu and keep them alive with their hearts seperated from their bodies. With that kind of power, Anubis could create his own immortal army. I would not stand for that. The tablets' power is too dangerous for anyone to use. I disrupted Anubis' experiment and fought him, and although he and his followers escaped, they left the tablets behind.

I have had enough now. I cannot trust anyone in this tangled web of deceit. I have been played like a pipe by Settites, Olympians, my own master… NO MORE. I had hoped that one day I could find the opportunity to sever my bonds of servitude forever, to be truly free, to live as I wish. Well now, I realise that is never going to happen unless I take action immediately. Barocles and those behind him have manipulated me for long enough. Whatever Zeus wants with these tablets, it cannot be for any noble cause. So I have taken it upon myself to see that no one can usurp their power. I have destroyed the tablets, I will need to keep Zeus from suspecting me so I shall tell him that it was necessary to prevent Anubis from fully unlocking their power. It may already be too late for that though, so I intend to find Anubis wherever he goes… I will follow him around the globe if I have to, but I cannot allow him to create this army he seeks. Anubis must be destroyed.


Excellent recount. Keep them coming :)

100 Years Later...

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