The Third City

Solomon's Quest

From the logs of Zadok Solomon, misplaced child of the Brujah…

In this new and strange time, I find myself at a crossroads. With the Kindred clans dividing between two religious factions, I am uncertain of which side to take, if either. I have only heard one side of the story, that of the Cainites who rescued me and Arabella after our sudden arrival in this alien time period.

I require perspective in these current matters, and so I have decided to seek out the Islamic zealots and learn what I can from them. I am especially eager to find my former mentor – Abdul Hasam Haqim. His whereabouts are presently unknown, though Father Lucius has graciously informed me of my old teacher's last known location. In return, I have agreed to share my findings with him and his kin. Of course, precisely how much information I dig up remains to be seen, and even then he need not know the full extent of the knowledge I gather.

Unfortunately, Arabella has not opted to join me in this endeavour, instead remaining in Lucius's hideaway in order to continue her studies, perhaps even try and track down her former contact, Hades. I am saddened by this parting, Arabella has been a great companion up until now. I can but hope that we will meet again soon, and I intend to make that hope a reality once my sojourn to Antiok is concluded.

I have snuck away within the cargo hold of a trading vessel headed to Antiok. The humans have become more wary of our kind now and have ways of recognising us, so I must be extra cautious. It seems on this voyage, however, I am not alone. Something is here with me. It does not identify itself and so I do not know whether to regard it as friend or foe. I shall keep my sword drawn…


Its to Antiok (as in like the Holy grenade that shares the same name). Uther than that, keep up the good journals :)

Solomon's Quest

Ah, of course, ty.

Try and get Sian to post some logs for once. After all, with our characters going separate ways, it would make sense for her to write out Arabella’s story.

Solomon's Quest

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